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Firewood Shelters

Firewood Shelter green

During the colder months of the year, a cozy fireplace is the best place to come together with friends and family. What is more, in recent years firewood has regained popularity as a fuel due to high energy prices and increasing environmental awareness. Here, the firewood rack offers excellent protection against rain and snow. When storing wood outdoors, sun and wind take over the drying process. Thus, your firewood can dry in your garden until it has lost enough moisture and can be burned in your fireplace. Our firewood rack is highly durable and nearly maintenance-free due to its galvanized sheet steel design. Its special powder coating shields the firewood rack against corrosion that normally afflict metals exposed to rains for extended periods. Our 12-year rust-through warranty and its user-friendly dimensions make the firewood rack the perfect choice. tepro-label-d_gebrauchsmusterschutz.jpg


- made of pre-painted hot-dip galvanized steel
- great stability due to frame braces
- maintenance-free, weatherproof, durable
- storage of firewood in 2 rows
- exterior green, interior grey

- Inner dimensions: approx 165.5 x 63 x 136 cm (front) / 153 cm (back)
- stacked cubic meter: approx. 1.87 rm


Dimensions assembled: ca. 182 cm x 74 cm x 162,5 cm  (WxDxH)
Colour: green
Net weight: 19.67 kg netto

Art.Nr.: 7147
EAN Nr.: 0638801535614