Quality | TEST RITE tepro GmbH


To ensure that the quality of our products does not suffer with this amount of products made of materials from all over the world, tepro CEO Michael Schmidt works with a transnational quality management team in our partner offices in Europe and Asia. The quality specifications adhered to comply rigorously to German standards. This is guaranteed by the CE and TÜV certificates and – depending on the operating type – other applicable norms which you will find as a quality seal on all of our products.


Our cooperation with our international partners also affords us the ability to continuously develop our products further and implement the best grill ideas from all over the world.


And our service doesn’t end when you purchase a tepro product. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service with any questions or concerns. We have our own hotline so it is easy for you to get in touch with us and easy for us to quickly process all requests.