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Metal Shed

Extension Kit Riverton 6x4 anthracite

With this optional extension kit, you can extend the greenhouse length by two feet. You can combine up to two extension kits to reach your desired space. The product qualities and the extension kit color are the same as those of the original greenhouse. duramaxlogo_01.png


- made of powder-coated, hot-dip galvanized sheet steel
- wall thickness: 0.33 mm, interior wall height 166.5 cm
- gable roof, roof thickness: 0.33 mm Roof pitch 15°
- vaintenance-free, weatherproof, durable
- base color anthracite, door and roof ledges white


Dimensions assembled: ca. 201 cm x 60 cm x 189,2 cm  (WxDxH)
Colour: anthracite/white
Net weight: 13 kg netto

Art.Nr.: 7461
EAN Nr.: 0638801242512