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Plastic Shed

Scala 6x8 DD

To have enough space for one’s hobby means a quality-of-life aspect for everyone who loves gardening or is fond of a particular trade or craft – this plastic tool shed will suit everyone. The Scala plastic tool shed offers optimum storage solutions on its spacious interior area. Tools and gardening utensils will find their place there and be protected from weather effects, such as wind and rain. The double door allows you to access the inside of the shed quickly and comfortably. Its compact size does not take up too much space in your garden. The special qualities of the plastic material used for the shed ensure that you will be able to enjoy the tool shed for many years without any maintenance effort required. Thus, it represents a comfortable storage solution that fits well in every garden and brings you a lot of joy.


- door (opening: approx. 131 x 181 cm WxH)
- 2 fixed windows (size: approx. 39 x 56 cm WxH)
- door lock bar
- lockable (lock not included in delivery)
- wall thickness: approx. 1.6 cm
- wall height: approx. 168.5 cm
- gable roof, roof thickness: approx. 1.6 cm
- roof load max. 75 kg / m²
- incl. floor panel
- ventilated gable
- easy assembly
- weatherproof and UV-resistant
- low maintenance
- room capacity: approx. 7.6 m³
- outer dimensions: approx. W 185.8 x D 236.8 x H 227 cm
- inner dimensions: approx. W 168.9 x T 215 x H 219.7 cm
- floor size: approx. W 175 x T 222 cm


Dimensions assembled: ca. 185,8 cm x 236,8 cm x 226 cm  (WxDxH)
Colour: light brown
Net weight: 79 kg netto

Art.Nr.: 7529
EAN Nr.: 7290106931473