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Plastic Shed

Oakland 7511

To have enough space for one’s hobby means a quality-of-life aspect for everyone who loves gardening or is fond of a particular trade or craft – the Oakland tool shed will suit everyone. The tool shed is made of a particularly high-quality DUOTECH™ material. Not only does a special finish give the panels a woody feel, the Oakland could really be mistaken for a genuine wooden shed. The special qualities of the DUOTECH™ material ensure that you will be able to enjoy the shed for many years without additional maintenance effort. Nevertheless, whoever wants to gives the tool shed an individual touch can do so by painting it in their preferred color. The tool shed provides some design freedom for every kind of taste. The pre-cut tongue-and-groove panels of the Oakland tool shed enable you to finish the assembly very quickly. The generously large double door allows you to use the tool shed to stow away even cumbersome items. The roof light and the side windows ensure an optimum daylight illumination inside the tool shed. Thus, you can use to Oakland tool shed to perform even minor craft or gardening work. We have also paid careful attention to security: The stainless steel door lock system secures all the items stored in the tool shed. The Oakland tool shed combines high stability with a highly naturally looking. It is the perfect choice for those who take pleasure in giving their tool shed a personalized color look. keter_logo_ld.jpg doutech_logo_brown_green.png


- high-quality DUOTECH™ material
- combines wood texture with high durability
- double door (opening: approx. 148.5 x 182.4 cm WxH)
- 2 fixed windows (installable left or right; size: approx. 67.5 x 65 cm WxH)
- natural rough wooden design
- paintable surface
- door lock bar
- lockable (lock not included in delivery)
- wall thickness: approx. 2 cm, height: approx. 184.8 cm
- gabled roof, roof thickness: approx. 5 cm
- roof load max. 100 kg / m²
- incl. floor plate
- roof light
- air vent in gable
- low maintenance
- weatherproof and UV-resistant
- easy installation through tongue and groove panel
- metal support
- inside volume: approx. 14.5 m³
- outside: approx. W 229 x D 350 x H 242 cm
- inside: approx. W 201 x D 320 x H 230 cm
- base area: approx. W 210 x D 342 cm


Dimensions assembled: ca. 230 cm x 350 cm x 242 cm  (WxDxH)
Colour: brown/grey
Net weight: 191 kg netto

Art.Nr.: 7518
EAN Nr.: 7290106928459