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Raised garden bed Plant Inn

Raised bed greenhouse "PLANT INN" More and more households with tight space conditions are finding it possible to fulfill their wish for fresh and healthy vegetables. The Plant Inn is your all-round carefree greenhouse solution for families and the ageing. The compact raised bed affords ca. 1.2 square meters of space for cultivating plants just like in a greenhouse. The product traps heat while letting light through, making it possible to begin planting even at very low temperatures so you'll have lots of fun harvesting your own vegetables. The special properties of the raised bed's double-walled polycarbonate panels promise years of gardening fun at no further effort. The raised bed also has a pleasant working height, making garden work easier on your back and protecting against pests. At the bottom, the Plant Inn has sufficient space to store and shield all your garden utensil from wind and rain. Enrich your life day for day with fresh and healthy food from your own greenhouse. palramlogo.jpg


- double-walled panels made of polycarbonate (approx. 4 mm thick) shield against cold, hail and UV-rays and regulate the interior temperature
- stable galvanized steel base
- aluminum frame
- 2 deep planters for approx. 225 L potting soil
- integrated water drainage
- protects plants against snails, garden pests or pets
- roof panels can be opened in various positions
- storage compartment in base
- easy assembly on balcony, patio or garden
- incl. 10 plant holders
- easy-on-your-back gardening
- planters: approx. 110 x 110 x 18 cm each (WxDxH)
- height of storage compartment: approx. 54 cm
- working height approx. 72 cm


Dimensions assembled: ca. 121 cm x 120 cm x 148 cm  (WxDxH)
Colour: silver/transparent
Net weight: 21.6 kg netto

Art.Nr.: 7148
EAN Nr.: 7290103111175