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Easy Growing

Households have recently witnessed a growing interest in and desire for fresh and healthy vegetables despite home space constraints. Our Easy Growing planter offers enough planting area in a small space to allow you to grow your own vegetables; its separating walls make structured and organized planting possible. Its ergonomic design makes gardening easy and not harmful to your back. If you do not need the legs, you can simply remove them and use the planter without them. Its continuous irrigation system and moisture indicator supply optimum quantities of water to your plants around the clock. This system is also supported by a water scale plus a drip sink and drain cock. The high-quality plastic material makes the Easy Growing weather- and UV-proof and ensures that you can enjoy the planter for many years without any additional maintenance effort. Your fresh and healthy home-grown vegetables will add to the quality of your life and thrill you every day anew. keter_logo_hd.jpg 6087_easy_growing_qr.png


- made of high quality polypropylene
- weatherproof and UV resistant
- ergonomical design for easy gardening
- around irrigation system
- double walled construction
- humidity indicator for optimal watering
- incl. drip sink and drain cock
- with waterscale
- with baffles and legs
- usable without legs
- inside and outside use
- portable
- easy assembly


Dimensions assembled: ca. 114 cm x 49,3 cm x 75,7 cm  (WxDxH)
Colour: brown
Net weight: 9.35 kg netto

Art.Nr.: 6087
EAN Nr.: 7290005559822