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Greenhouses and Beds

Americana 8x20 Greenhouse

A greenhouse is the perfect companion on your way to a successful garden by greatly increasing your ability to grow flowers, vegetables and fruit. A greenhouse traps heat while letting light through, making it possible to begin garden work even at very low temperatures. Even sensitive plants can be grown successfully in a greenhouse. The special properties of the greenhouse's double-walled polycarbonate roof panels and crystal clear side panels promise years of gardening fun at no further effort. The product also has a swinging door and a skylight, adding to its convenient and useful character. The included base frame guarantees stability and ease of handling. It features a spacious interior where you can cultivate all the plants you desire, without taking up too much space outdoors thanks to its compact design. Enrich your life day for day with fresh and healthy food from your own greenhouse. palramlogo2.jpg


- double-walled roof panels made of polycarbonate (approx. 4 mm thick), almost unbreakable
- crystal clear side panels made of polycarbonate (approx. 0.7 mm thick)
- reinforced barn shaped structure
- stable frame made of rustproof aluminum
- swinging door (opening approx. 116.5 x 216 cm WxH)
- lockable
- threshold ramp
- incl. 2 vent windows
- anchoring kit for improved reinforcement to the ground
- galvanized steel base frame
- excellent heat insulation
- walls filter 99.9% of all harmful UV rays
- easy assembly thorugh sliding-wall-system

- outer dimensions: approx. W 365 x D 365 x H 263 cm
- inner dimensions: approx. W 347 x D 354 x H 238 cm
- floor space: approx. W 365 x D 305 cm


Dimensions assembled: ca. 365 cm x 365 cm x 263 cm  (WxDxH)
Colour: silver/transparent
Net weight: 133.3 kg netto

Art.Nr.: 7321
EAN Nr.: 7290103121181