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Greenhouse Accessory

Vent Kit for Greenhouse

Proper air circulation in your greenhouse helps guarantee the best cultivation results. And with our optional ventilation set, nothing is standing in their way. Manually control the temperature in your greenhouse. palramlogo.jpg


- double-walled skylight - assembly kit included
- provide and increase airflow, and aid cooling during warmer days
- controls the temperature and humidity of the air in the greenhouse
- additional vent create ideal ventilation for Palram’s hobby greenhouses
-suitable for Greenhouses "Mythos" (tepro Art. No. 7188, 7189, 7190, 7191, 7192 and 7193)


Dimensions assembled: ca. 66 cm x 55 cm x 4 cm  (WxDxH)
Colour: silver/transparent
Net weight: 1.4 kg netto

Art.Nr.: 8032
EAN Nr.: 7290103111106