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Charcoal BBQs

Kettle Grill "San Francisco"

Tepro’s new kettle grill is a universal grill for every barbecue. While friends and family members sit together in a joyful atmosphere filled with good smelling roasted sausages and pork steaks, you can easily prepare delicious grilled food in any season of the year to entertain the guests. Each of your barbecue evenings will thus turn into a special event. Apart from its attractive design, the San Francisco kettle grill brings you smart solutions that make its operation easy and comfortable. An integrated multi-functional grate holder is the grill’s highlight, allowing you to individually adjust the cooking grate height. This enables you to prepare and serve the grilled food just right. Yet the grate holder offers much more. The grill includes a lid holder as well, and with other optional accessories such as the warming rack, the kettle grill offers truly all-round functionality. In addition, the integrated grid-in-grid system allows you to delight your guests with the grill’s great versatility. If you take out the cooking grate center, you can put in various inlays, such as pizza stone, wok or pan, which enable you to prepare varied grilled dishes. We have also paid attention to other important features of the kettle grill. The special form of the 4 charcoal dividers can be arranged individually or in a circular shape into a “minion ring”. This makes them ideal tools for popular direct or indirect grilling methods. At the same time, you can easily regulate air circulation using the ventilation slider on the lid and also in the fire bowl. Using the integrated lid thermometer, the grill master can comfortably monitor the temperature inside the grill and estimate accurately when it is necessary to replenish fuel in the grill body through the integrated charcoal door so that the barbecue evening does not end too soon. When the pleasant grilling time comes to an end nonetheless, you can close the ventilation slider and thus put out the fire in the charcoal. Once the grill has cooled down, you can remove and empty the ash collecting container – then you have the grill ready for future use again. The San Fransisco kettle grill is not just a grill, it is a true all-round talent. It features a practical grid-in-grid system, which allows you to use accessories to extend the kettle grill functionality and brings you unlimited and exciting grilling possibilities. patent_angemeldet.jpg design_eingetragen.jpg


• grill surface: approx. 53 cm Ø
• fire bowl approx. 58.7 cm Ø
• 1 height adjustable chrome plated cooking grid with inlay
• enameled lid with plastic handle
• thermometer
• air vent in lid
• enameled fire bowl
• integrated functionpart (for example for warming rack or lid
• including lid holder
• 4 charcoal dividers
• charcoal grid
• 2 removable cooking grid handles
• integrated cleaning and air vent system
• enameled ash pot
• 3 legs
• front leg with articulated foot
• 2 plastic wheels with wheel caps
• powder coated bottom rack
• working height approx. 82 cm
• holds up to max. 2.0 kg of charcoal
• patented
• registered design


Dimensions assembled: ca. 80 cm x 65 cm x 110 cm  (WxDxH)
Colour: black/stainless steel
Net weight: 18.2 kg netto

Art.Nr.: 1119
EAN Nr.: 4011964011199