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Electric Smoker "Greendale"

Smoking food has long been a trend in German gardens. The “Greendale” electric smoker oven is a real eye-catcher and offers a whole new level of culinary enjoyment. The oven works by placing smoking chips into the designated aroma box, that gives the meat its famous smoky flavour. The chimney helps lead the smoke through the cooking chamber. The food is therefore being carefully smoked at a low temperature of 80° to 130°C and receives its characteristic smoky flavour. A thermometer at the door of the oven helps you to control the temperature in the cooking chamber. This oven offers various possibilities of preparing your fish, meat or sausage. You can hang your fish or place it on a fish grill. The cooking chamber also has different grids where you can neatly place your meat or sausages. By preparing your food in the smoke it is cooked uniformly from all sides and retains its tender consistency. You can try out your favourite or new smoking chips to prepare your food. In order to achieve the best results with this oven you do not need to be a professional cook! The “Greendale” furthermore ensures that you prepare your food in the healthiest way possible, as neither grease nor liquids can pass through the grease collection tray to the flames and cause harmful substances. Bring the Wild West into your very own garden – your friends and family will love the taste the “Greendale” has to offer!


- 3 chrome plated cooking grids, approx. 36 x 34 cm each
- double walled, powder coated door with fastener and metal
- thermometer
- double walled, powder coated chamber
- stainless steel interior panel
- powder coated control panel
- adjustable thermostat
- 4 powder coated legs
- chimney
- 2 handles
- 8 stainless steel hooks inside of chamber
- including flavour box
- including water/grease drip pan
- output 1450 W / 230 V
- working height: approx. 43 / 58 / 72 / 86 cm


Dimensions assembled: ca. 51,5 cm x 51 cm x 100 cm  (WxDxH)
Colour: black
Net weight: 29.05 kg netto

Art.Nr.: 4031
EAN Nr.: 4011964040311